Songs for those days when you’re ringing the register.

PLAYLIST: Angry Trader

It’s you versus the market.  Harder hitting songs for those days when your positions are taking heat.

PLAYLIST: This Day Can’t Get Any Worse

WARNING! | Use only in cases of extreme capitulation.

Having a bad day in the markets?

We’ve put together a list of the most annoying catchy songs of all time for those days when you’re thinking to yourself:  “I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…”.

None of the songs in this list will make a bad day better.  The best we can hope for here is a sort of purge:  The bad mojo from these songs combating the bad market mojo you’re having in glorious capitulatory cross-mojonation.

If this have gotten this bad, we recommend you don’t let anyone catch you listening to it.

You’ve been warned.

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